Coronation Kennels & Cattery is open for Daycare, Overnight through to Extended Stays!

Pet Daycare is a short day stay visit where you drop your pet off in the morning and pick your pet up before close of business.

Payment for accommodation bookings are required upon check-in.

If payment for your pet(s) accommodation is 7 or more days in arrears your pet/s are sent to the RSPCA with your contact details.


Normal daily boarding rates

Small Dogs (Size of a Maltese) $15
Medium Dogs (Size of a Kelpie) $22
Large Dogs (Size of a Labrador) $25
Cats & Kittens  $14
Birds, Chickens, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Mice –
Please phone 02 6568 2018 for rates.

Rates are PER CALENDAR DAY (not per night or 24 hour period) so both drop off and pick up days are chargeable.


Extended Stays 

1/2 price rate for 21 days or more (NOT available during school holidays).
If you book your pet (dog or cat) to stay with us for 21 days or more the rate is 1/2 our normal daily boarding rate if you provide their food. Owner-supplied food MUST be portioned, labelled with your pets name and marked either Breakfast or Tea. We recommend the use of clip lock bags with appropriate portion for each meal.

For rates and more information on Extended Stays please contact us.
p: 02 6568 2018 or e:

Day Care

This service is handy if you want your pet to have some time out whilst you’re at work, an event or occasion where your pet needs to be in a safe and comfortable environment.

Your pet no longer needs to sit at home by themselves. They could be enjoying having an adventure playing along side their “neighbour” in their fully fenced yard, lapping up the sun and having some human interaction with our live in care taker onsite.

For rates and more information on Day Care please contact us.

p: 02 6568 2018 or

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