Payment for accommodation bookings are required upon check-in.
If payment for your pet(s) accommodation is 7 or more days in arrears your pet/s are sent to the RSPCA with your contact details.

1. The Management of the Coronation Kennels & Cattery is responsible for:

  1. provision of accommodation and equipment which suits the physical and behavioural requirements of animals held.
  2. provision of sufficient space for animals to stand, move around freely, stretch full and rest.
  3. provision of sufficient quantities of food and water to maintain good health.
  4. provision of prompt veterinary or other appropriate treatment in cases of injury or illness.
  5. maintenance of hygiene of the premises and health of the animals held including pest control.
  6. supervision of daily feeding, watering and inspection of animals held to ensure well being.

2. The Management of Coronation Kennels & Cattery has the right in its absolute and free of any liability to the pet owner to:

  1. refuse to accept any animal for boarding
  2. remove fretting, difficult or dangerous dogs or, within 5 hours, bitches coming into season notwithstanding the removal time is before the agreed pick up.
  3. have impounded at the cost of the owner any animal that is not picked up as requested or is left after the agreed pickup time or is otherwise unclaimed and Coronation Kennels & Cattery is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of any action taken pursuant to this clause.
  4. treat any animal for fleas, ticks and all worms if detected at the cost of the pet owner.
    e) move any animal into a more satisfactory kennel/suite other than that booked by the owner if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the animal.
  5. dispose of any destroyed, soiled or uncollected bedding, toys or leads.

3. The Management of Coronation Kennels & Cattery is not responsible for:

  1. the death, injury, illness including the contraction of “canine cough”, harm to or loss of any animal from any cause whatsoever or for any financial loss, claim suit or action.
  2. any loss, injury, damage or death caused by your animal to any person, property or animal.
  3. no veterinary fees will be reimbursed unless a person authorised in writing by the manager of Coronation Kennels & Cattery is present at the time of the consultation with the veterinary surgeon. The veterinary surgeon is to be independent and must certify that Coronation Kennels & Cattery been responsible for the condition causing the reimbursement claim.
  4. any loss, damage expense, liability suit or claim arising out of the provisions of 2d), 3a), 3b); 6

4. The Pet Owner is responsible to provide Coronation Kennels & Cattery the following:

  1. the animals name.
  2. the owners name, address and telephone number.
  3. the telephone number must be contactable 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Message bank is not acceptable.
  4. expected date of collection by its owner.
  5. a description of the animal including:
    – sex
    – breed or type
    – colour
    – age
  6. vaccination status
  7. name and contact telephone number of veterinarian who normally attends to the animal.
  8. details of medical, dietary, bathing and grooming requirements.
  9. collar with identification tag fitted to the dog.

5. The Pet Owner is responsible to Coronation Kennels & Cattery for:

  1. treating the animal for fleas, ticks and worms before dropping off the animals.
  2. providing a telephone number and two contacts names to be able to be contacted at any time. Voice mail is not acceptable.
  3. paying all fees and charges including those payable for special needs pets, holidaying surcharges and the minimum charges at the time of check-in of any animal. Special need pets are those that require special attention relating to medication, special food/ diet, including owner provided food, deafness, dementia, incontinence, recovery from injury or operation, thunderstorms.

6. Veterinary Care

Veterinary attention at the cost of the pet owner (including transport costs of $100) will be sought by Coronation Kennels & Cattery for any animal showing any of the following conditions:

  1. severe diarrhoea, especially if bloodstained.
  2. lameness or inability to stand or walk.
  3. bleeding or swelling of body parts (other than the vulva of a female on heat).
  4. weight loss or no appetite.
  5. extreme lassitude.
  6. apparent pain.
  7. fits or staggering.
  8. inability to urinate or defecate.

7. Social Media

Clients agree not to post or partake in defamatory activity against Coronation Kennels & Cattery via social media or otherwise and acknowledges any defamatory statements or claims posted to social media sites shall be followed up with legal action.

8. Refunds and Deposits

As all food, staffing and daily work routine are based upon the duration of this booking. REFUNDS and DISCOUNTS ARE NOT APPLIED DURING ANY TIME OF THE YEAR INCLUDING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS if/when you collect your pet before your designated check-out date.
Refunds/discounts are only processed in the event of a natural disaster. A $30 cancellation fee applies for any cancellations.

9. Christmas Bookings

The management of Coronation Kennels & Cattery have an ‘existing customer’ policy in relation to Christmas bookings and accommodation,-

  • To enable us to operate efficiently and cost effectively over the Christmas period we only accommodate cats and dogs that have stayed with us throughout the year.
  • Our minimum charge is equivalent to the costing of 10 days accommodation (plus Public Holiday Charges).
  • A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the accommodation is required before the 31st of October.
  • Cancellations after the 30th of November are subject to administrative costs and cancellation fees.
  • Should you require special consideration please contact our office on 02 65682018 to discuss your needs.


  • A $.5……………. surcharge is applied to ALL Public Holidays.
  • The boarding fee is chargeable for both the ‘drop off’ and ‘collection’ day.
  • Vet fees remain the responsibility of the owner of the pet.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for your pets bedding. We cannot guarantee its return and we do not, under any circumstances, replace it.
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